Put Yourself Out There to Improve Your Career Path

One of the best ways to move up in your job is to get noticed by your boss and other higher-ups. The sky can be the limit to opening up your career path when you accept your expertise and share it within (and outside) the organization. While you get hired for your skills and knowledge, if you aren’t sharing them – and taking risks to do so – then your path will be much slower and more frustrating.

So how do you stand out among the crowd? Here are a few suggestions you can try:

  • raise your hand – when there are projects that need help, or extra work, be the one who offers to help. The work will get done and you will get recognition for your efforts and expertise
  • write – if your company has a newsletter or sends out a messages or stories through the intranet, offer to contribute. Sharing best practices, team success, trends in the field, or productivity tips can set you apart as a the ‘go to’ person; it can also build relationships as you talk to and recognize your peers on their achievements
  • speak – don’t be a mute at team or department meetings; ask questions, give recognition, point out actions that have made a difference; offer to represent your company at professional meetings or conventions. This will raise your visibility and position
  • be positive – don’t be the person who acts like they don’t want to be there or are unhappy – smile and find reasons to love your job, even for the day. Look at skills you want to use or the difference you want to make; smile, read motivational quotes, or listen to music as all of these raise your vibrational level and increase dopamine levels, or your happy chemical. IF anything, it will make others wonder what you’re up to and is contagious

Doing any and all of these will show your knowledge and expertise and make others take notice. Do what comes naturally and is authentic and soon you’ll be rising among others towards a successful career.


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