Do You Care About Your Customers (End-Users)?

I just got off the phone, after at least 6 attempts, trying to reach a business who called me several times to discuss my account and marketing through them. What the person didn’t tell me is that the company is emailed-based. What the heck! If she had left this tidbit of information, I wouldn’t be so frustrated and irritated with them – doesn’t exactly make me want to continue with them.


This led me to wonder how often we don’t think about the end-user of our work, or the person who is benefiting from the product or service we provide. As I  do my work with clients who are very frustrated with their job, I always try to bring their focus back on who is really benefiting – are you doing the work for yourself or for someone else? This brings pause and takes the focus off of what they are not liking about the job to a more positive stance of ‘what can I do to make my work the best that I can to deliver the best to whomever is going to use it?’

Answering this question brings self-empowerment and taps into one’s intrinsic motivational needs of recognizing that ‘doing the right thing’ is the way to go.’ They take their focus off of the ‘lazy’ coworker who slows them down, to taking ownership and getting the work done. When we get in our ‘own space,’ it doesn’t allow us to see the bigger picture of why we are working; for some, that is just  paycheck or it’s for healthcare benefits. But we all have an inherent need to want to do the best we can and produce good work; focusing on the person who will receive your work helps with overall job satisfaction and higher performance and fulfill those needs.



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