Time to Review Your Accomplishments

It’s that time of year – the review of your yearly accomplishments, of all of the tasks and activities, actions and goals you’ve achieved throughout the year. The benefit of doing so is showing that you can and have taken specific action to get things done as well as highlighting your strengths and forward movement in your life.

How often do you feel that life is passing you by, that you are no further ahead than you were last year? How often do you think ‘ if only I had done…., I’d be  ….. (you fill in the blanks)? As time passes, it seems we tend to put the past behind us which then leads to feelings of frustration or disappointment that we did not follow through on things we said we wanted. That is why reviewing what you actually did get done may spark those past memories and create ‘aha moments’ of clarity.

As we are moving toward another new year,  which is also the time to plan and prepare for all you want to achieve, you can’t move forward if you don’t know where you’ve been. You can’t make new goals or feel good about the direction you’re moving to if you don’t recognize your past actions and accomplishments.

Take time now to sit and reflect on what you’ve done:

  • work accomplishments – include any projects you’ve worked on, new people you’ve met, new skills learned, classes or trainings taken, promotions earned, increases in compensation or earnings, or recognitions
  • personal accomplishments – what have you achieved in your home life, family, relationships, health, finances, spiritual, or personal development, or, did you volunteer or give back in some way
  • business accomplishments – did you start or grow you business, did you earn your set-point, make new contacts, spoken on the stage, connected to an organization, published a book/ebook, or built a fan base on a social media platform

I think this is a great exercise to really prove to ourselves that we can and are accomplishing daily. If you haven’t been writing them down, or keeping them in a jar, this could take a while but it will be so worth it. Don’t wait until the end of next year to do a review – start today in recognizing all that you do. Life will be that much better when you know you have and you can.

If you’d like help in uncovering your worth and how it relates to moving forward in your future, contact us today for your Complementary Discovery Session to get started; don’t wait until the new year – get started today! http://www.cyscoaching.com


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