Being Willing to Try and Taking Risks

Being willing to try and take a risk can sound very scary for some people but I think it’s a key factor to success. Being open to putting forth effort, no matter the outcome, only strengthens your resolve and pushes you to places you might ever go.

I see this weekly on the dance floor, of all places. I go line dancing at a local club and see all types of people who come out and get on the floor to try and dance. Line dancing has become more hip hop versus what some might think as old country twang. I remember I used to think that way when I first went to the club; I thought it was freaky and left quickly.

However, I did go back two weeks later and have never left. I am able to relieve stress through dance, be active in my passion; and I have made some of the best friends through the dance community, who come from all over the world. I see,weekly, college kids, older adults, and visitors from countries like Brazil and Germany who get out on the floor. They don’t really care what they look like but boy do they get out and try. Some succeed while others don’t.

But they are having fun and making new friends; the point is, they are willing to get out and try. The more they do, the easier the dances become and the better they become.These same principles apply to any actions you take, particularly in the workplace, such as learning a new skill or building on one.

It takes the willingness to try, which is the first step. Then, you need to act – it might not be perfect the first time but, as mentioned earlier, the more you do the better you become and the easier it gets. Find one thing you want to learn or do and put yourself out there; give it a try and monitor the result. I think you’ll find, like the ‘wanna be’ dancers, that it is not as hard as you might think and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. Soon you’ll be dancing your way to success!

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