When Gratitude Becomes Harder

I’m on Day 24 of a 100-Day Gratitude Challenge I’m participating in. While this might sound like an easy task, I can personally tell you that this is a lot harder than it seems. Placing the focus on all we do have and appreciating those parts of our lives is what the practice of gratitude is about.

However, the longer it goes on the more repetitive our thanks can become, which is why most people give up on this practice or don’t think there is any benefit. This is especially true if adverse situations arise, or continue – how do you give thanks for those times?

I’m learning this as I have had to push through with my car situation and some resulting fallout from it. I admit that I often sit and stare at the blank page trying to look at positives out of my issues. If you find yourself struggling to remain positive and be grateful during challenging times, here is what I can pass on:

  • as the saying goes, this too shall pass so be thankful for the fact that you will not stay in the same place tomorrow, or the next day or the next. You will move on (whether you stay in the same mind-frame will be your choice and is a different story)
  • be thankful you have options to place your focus on; as I just said you can look at this positively or negatively, you can stay in a ‘Murphy’s Law’ mindset or you can look like a warrior who will choose to move forward and lose the victim mindset
  • you can be happy that you have strengths to get you through anything, of which you can uncover more which will take you through any challenge you face
  • our brains have this amazing way of being solution-focused so being grateful you have a brain that can come up with goals, resources, be problem-solving and  decision-making, as well as  be fearless will put you into overcoming adversities that arise

Along with these, sitting in silence, listening to soft (could be uplifting) music, or being outside with nature can help you remember all that is good in your life and you can get back to being in thanks.

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