Dealing with a Bad Day at Work

We’ve all had them – a bad day, or days at work. Perhaps it’s due to an overload of work, a time-crunch on a project completion, or even the dreaded conflicted interactions with one’s boss or coworkers. While a bad can seem minor, to some it can be a day-ruiner, with impending feelings of dread and worry that lead to the ‘what if’s….’

I find that a majority of us can get to the point of feeling a situation is hopeless; that nothing one does or says will make the situation better. That it won’t matter if you apologize to a coworker for a perceived slight, or if you work overtime on that project. Why do we get to this point that leads to ultimate levels of job dissatisfaction, which ultimately equates to hating the job?

We can look to the study of brain science and how our thoughts and beliefs are formed very early in our lives; when we can’t get a good perspective on a situation (as the early brain can’t) then we attribute situations to ourselves and then the belief becomes “I must be bad” to some level. Our dealing with these types of situations are also learned very early and formed in our defense mechanisms, which can rise up at any time.

Challenging these thoughts and beliefs are the true way to overcoming these negative patterns; here are some other ways that may help to take the focus off the negative and turn your bad day around:

  • write about it – take out pen and paper and re-write the situation or circumstances you are dealing with as this will give you a differing view of that situation; be honest and write out the actions of all players to see where your part is there
  • take responsibility – in the story you’re rewriting, take ownership of your actions, or inactions, that may have led to the adverse situation. Taking ownership is a key to refocusing and moving forward
  • problem-solve solutions – this is a vital step in any problematic situation as when you come up with possibilities the answers will come to resolving your issues; this puts you back in control and not giving control to others
  • rest, relax, refocus – the added stress you may be feeling from these types of situations can only make them worse – you won’t see any way out of it if you do not also make time for self-care; this includes decompressing from the situation, taking time for fun and/or relaxation exercises (deep-breathing, mediation, giving back to others, etc.). When you are more relaxed you will feel more in control and can now refocus on improving any adverse situation or conflict you are facing

Hopefully by now you will see that things are not as bad as they seem; however, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a “Plan B” in place (a requirement for everyone). As the saying goes, “Its a bad day, not a bad life.”

How do you deal with bad days at work? I’d love to hear your comments or suggestions. If you’d like help in reloving your job, contact us today:


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