You’re Doing Everything Right but Still Can’t Get a Job

It is becoming more frequent these days in hearing the frustrations of job seekers: they are doing everything ‘right’ in their job search, they’re getting calls and interviews, but just not hearing the magic words “You’re Hired!”  If this has been your situation, here are some reasons that may help you to deal and continue on:

  • they really don’t have an open position but are going through the motions due to regulatory issues
  • they decided to take an internal candidate versus one on the outside
  • they found someone less ‘expensive’ than you
  • they found someone with a skill-set that matched better
  • they don’t believe you’re going to stay

The important thing to remember in these times of frustrations that it is (most likely) not you, it’s about them.  The world of work is a confusing place right now and the old ways of hiring are no longer. It might seem hard not to take it personally but that is exactly what you have to do; look at it from a business perspective and not from yours. Studies show that it can take a month for every $10,000 you want to make and it’s a numbers game for some professions: the more money you want to make, the longer it will take so you need to apply to a variety of organizations. Don’t be afraid to send your resume and cover letter to a hiring manager; don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and reach out, preferably to a hiring manger.  Focus on your skills and worth, practice stress-relief tactics and immurge yourself in professional activities to keep your business mind and skills up. And don’t be afraid to seek out help, like that of a career coach.  These are the times that strengthen resolve so keep on – I believe in you!


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