Is a Portfolio Career Right for You?

With the disconnect going in how businesses are hiring these days it is much more important for job seekers, including those who are looking to change jobs, to be more creative in how they go about finding work.  One of the upcoming trends is to move into contract or short-term assignments; this is called having a Portfolio Career.  Included in this category are part-time and flexible jobs, i.e. work at home.  Years ago, these types of jobs were considered a secondary option but that way of thinking is changing as more companies are embracing more flexible schedules for their workers.

A report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) (2006) claimed that 40%-50% of the workforce would consist of freelance workers; back then 31% of the workforce were independent or contingent workers. As companies are trying to please their workers while maintaining profits, some of these flexible jobs seem to address both.  A portfolio career can offer a lot – freedom, more control over how and when you work, as well as the opportunity to gain skills and experience in a particular area, something that is difficult for new college grads or those wishing to move to a new career.  This can be a solution for those who are out of work; one other option is that it can allow an employer to ‘test’ before they hire.  The disadvantages are the risk to find these types of positions and having a new one lined-up after a contract has ended.  Those who require stability or limited risk would not gravitate to having a portfolio career.

If you’d liked to learn more or want to check out opportunities, here are some resources: – part-time, flexible, telecommuting jobs – jobs, education for the media industry – work-from-home job leads and information – online marketplace and community for freelancers



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