Saying Goodbye to the Olympics and Lessons Learned (#225!)

Eighteen days ago we celebrated the opening of the Winter Olympics.  We watched as athletes from almost every nation and continent marched across our TV screens in preparation for competing in athletic sports competitions for which they had been training for over four years.  We watched both triumphs and losses but, to me, they are all winners for going after their dream of competing in the Olympic games.  Even though the Winter games are not my favorite, I found myself watching TV every night.  Often, I celebrated both the wins and the losses along with the competitors.  Now, decisions will be made as to if they will continue on or go out their way.

I learned several lessons from these games:

  • it takes goal-setting, and one that is a burning desire for which you will risk-all to get
  • it takes discipline, determination, and guts to compete against others who are ‘the best’
  • competing, in the hopes of winning, trumps injury or other adversity
  • winning is the goal, and feels great when accomplished
  • losing does not feel good but trying does

I have five more days of my ‘competition’ in blogging daily, which is my challenge to ‘me’ – my Olympics, of sort.  I figure if these Olympic athletes can do it, so can I.


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