When Things Get Tough, Use the Power of Perspective

In the book, Before Happiness, the author (Achor) discusses a study conducted with having first year medical students take an art class; he mentions that it was shown that by doing so, 10% of the class were able to more accurately diagnose important medical issues.  He mentions that this ‘cross training’ of the brain teaches these students the importance of perspective and consideration of other points of view, what he calls ‘vantage points.’

How many times do we see things but it doesn’t agree with others?  This occurs as we each have our own way of taking in information and processing that information; none of us will see it the same.  When we aren’t aware of this, we can become frustrated and act accordingly.  But if we consider other perspectives, it can decrease the activation of the brain’s emotional centers and allow one to now think more openly and positively and take decisive action.  So when things seem tough and you’re not sure how to handle them, use the power of perspective to be more open to ideas to resolve them.  You will feel better – and so will they.


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