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New Year – New Career – This is my 200th Post!

Happy 2014!  I hope that you are ready to make this year one of great happenings.  I’m going to repost some tips I gave several years ago as I think they are still very relevant for those of you who are looking to change jobs during 2014.

The job landscape has changed since I first wrote these steps – things were much worse regarding the economy.  Now that it has leveled off, transitioning into a new job has not gotten better; in fact, it has gotten more difficult as employers are being very selective regarding education, experience, and in the hiring process. But, take heart as all is not lost. You can find a new job this year but it does still take research, strategy, and persistence, in addition to having a positive mind-set.

Here are 5 quick steps to help you set your intentions and to keep focused to finding a job this year:

1.   Commit- make the decision to finding a job or looking for a better one; know that this will take some work but you can accomplish more with a renewed sense of commitment

2.    Assess – write down your skills, abilities, accomplishments and activities (volunteer work, school, certification, etc.) that you will bring to an employer

3.    Research – delve into the type of job you want as to what is required, what organizations hire, what is the pay, and what is the culture of the organization; these will help you to decide of this is a position worth pursuing and will help you to be targeted in your search

4.    Develop a job-search strategy – identify the ways you will look for a job, such as job boards, company websites, networking groups, professional associations, direct contacts through friends and family, recruiters/headhunters, or social networking sites; your job-search strategy should also identify how you will spend your time on a daily basis

5.    Support & Self-Care – find supportive people who will can help you to stay motivated during this time, such as family, friends, a support group or a career coach; also, be sure to partake in activities that will help you to keep up your emotional level

This can be a time of renewal or it can be a time of anxiousness and frustration.  It all depends on your attitude and your commitment.  Finding a job is not so easy these days but it doesn’t have to be so hard – following these steps can lead you to a great career in this new year!

 If you’re ready to jump-start your job search, contact us to take your career to the next level at http://www.cyscoaching.com. Make 2014 your year! If you liked this article, please share with those who may also need this information.

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