How Will You End out 2013?

We only have a few more days until the New Year; it seems so hard to believe that it is here already.  This is a time of anticipation for many – will 2014 bring new career opportunities, revitalized health or a new relationship?  It’s as if we are looking in a crystal ball and wondering the future, as if magically any or all of these ‘wishes’ will happen over the course of this next year. I fully believe they can – any of your possibilities can become your realities if you choose for them to be, meaning you have to take action.

So many people wait until January 1 to set and make their goals, those ‘resolutions’ we hear so much about.  With a resolution, you are wanting to resolve or stop doing something, i.e. eating, not exercising, being in a stressful job, or leaving a poor relationship. I think that is the problem with creating a resolution – it keeps you focused on a negative aspect of yourself.

I think you should set intentions, as these are more positive and action-oriented.  They also start to program your brain to become more motivated to act on the very things you want.  But why wait – you don’t have to begin next week when we ring in the new year; you can start now and end 2013 with a bang.  It’s really not as difficult as it may seem – it just begins with three things:

  1. Setting the intention – while you can create your goal list for 2014, it can often overwhelm the brain in deciding which one to focus on first and how you will go about accomplishing it; essentially this leads to putting off taking action.  So why not just set one intention now – make it one that doesn’t seem ‘so hard’ to start or finish.  Keeping a small intention now will help your fear center to relax and get you moving.
  2. Breaking down the steps to get there – write down any and all ways that you can start or reach your set intention.  This can include taking pen and paper to write, getting a calendar or making a checklist; if your intention is to find a new job, for example, list a date you want to be in that new job and do some research on the position  or company you want to work in.  Coming up with one or two activities to get started won’t feel so overwhelming and success will be easier.
  3. Acting – nothing is ever accomplished with taking consistent action.  This means that you push past any fears or roadblocks that seem insurmountable (they typically live only in your head); instead of thinking or contemplating you just DO. Soon, those actions will feel easier and become habits.

If you are ready to end 2013 on a high note, and blast into the New Year, then follow the steps I’ve listed and watch how positively your life will change.  Ready, set…. GO!


If you would like help in creating the life you dream of then I’d love to help you. Contact me at to schedule a Discovery session.   I’d love to hear your comments or how you plan to end this year and set 2014 on fire. If you enjoyed this article please share it with others.



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