My Take on Diana Nyad’s Amazing Accomplishment

If you have been living under a rock, then you would not be aware of the amazing accomplishment of 64-year old Diana Nyad over the weekend; she (finally) swam from Cuba to the U.S.  This is such an awe-inspiring accomplishment considering the distance she swam (150 miles) and the challenges she faced, i.e. the weather, jelly fish, sharks, and the sun.  Upon exiting the water, Ms. Nyad stated that ‘it just goes to show that anyone can accomplish their dreams no matter what age.’

Most headlines I have seen today are all relating to not giving up on your dreams, age should not be a barrier to living a good life and the like.  My take on Ms. Nyad’s accomplishment is on persistence – this was her fifth and final time to try this swim.  She has been attempting this feat for 35 years!  Most people give up after a few weeks but Ms. Nyad persevered and kept at it; her mantra while swimming was “Find a way.”  And she did.

Being persistent at anything will eventually hone one’s skills and develop a habit that will last a lifetime; the outcome is success.  It may take years, like it did for Ms. Nyad, but being persistent and never giving up the dream or the fortitude to continue day after day will get you to your end-result.  Henry Ford never gave up in having his team develop the engine and there are countless of other stories out there that prove this theory.

If we can learn about being persistent, it takes:

  • Clarity & Focus – being very clear about your desired outcome and then focusing on it starts the chain-of-events towards getting that outcome; this is where you set the goals and plans for what you want
  • Commitment – committing to the process is your buy-in and investment in yourself and helps you to carry out the plans you’ve set
  • Determination – being determined – never giving up, no matter what – keeps that clarity in your reach and pushes you through any and all blockages that might come up and deter your efforts
  • Support – getting the help and support of others can get you there faster
  • Finding the Way – this is another way to say ‘persistence’ – never backing down or stopping until the goal is achieved

Today, I am celebrating Diana Nyad’s accomplishment for so many reasons and for what she can show this, as well as future generations, about goal-setting, goal accomplishment, work ethic, the many faces of aging and a ‘no-holds bar attitude’, and persistence.  All of these spell SUCCESS, which is what Diana Nyad is – congratulations!


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