Does Your Reach Outgrow Your Grasp?

hand_reachingI was watching a movie the other day, and one of the characters asked this question of someone they were mentoring – “Does your reach outgrow your grasp?”  Now, if I hadn’t  heard the explanation for the question I would be very confused by it, but what they were asking is:  do you use shortcuts in the actions you take in working to achieve a goal, or do you have a method to get where you want to go.  I had to ask myself that question, particularly when the tasks I face seem difficult or overwhelming.  It is much easier to go from Point A to Point B quickly but it won’t get the lasting results, or the same gratification, that would result from having a proven method that you could rinse and repeat every time.

Taking time to write out each and every action step that you take is a necessity for ensuring that you are doing things in a simplistic and authentic way, and then savoring the results of those actions.  Yesterday I mentioned learning from mistakes we make so today’s message is a follow-up.  Circumventing the process will only lead to more work on the other end and can lead to frustration and potential loss, like time or income.  So today’s message is short and simple: look at the steps for a situation that had a positive outcome and write down what you did and how you did them; you now have a tried-and-true system for grasping what is in your reach!



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