Is This the Year You Make a Career Change?

question markNow that the dust has settled and the holidays are over, you should be getting back into a (hopefully new) routine.  With renewed hope and conviction that this year will be the best, you might now consider making that career change you have been desiring (even if secretly).  It is never too early – or late – to consider making a career transition.

Whether that is finding a new job, jumping to a new industry, or opening your own business, this could be the year to make it happen.  January is often a good time to make a move, for several reasons:

  • Companies typically have new budgets, which means they are opening up positions to hire
  • Companies typically make internal moves this time of year as they look at ramping up their products and services to promote for the new year
  • Companies will need people to fill open positions, or create new ones, as consumer needs arise and would prefer to hire within
  • Products and services are needed to fill the desire in making improvements in one’s life, such as health, finances, career,  or relationships and small business owners are poised to lead the charge

Using this time of renewal and hope, isn’t it time that you made the lead and go after the career you’ve been wanting.  It’s time to leave the comfort zone and blame on circumstances and make a move.  Even if that move is to start slow at least you are taking control of your life, your career, and your future.  If someone wants to go out on their own I never recommend just quitting their job, even if that job is causing them misery.  With planning and a clear focus you can make a move that towards having a dream career – one that brings satisfaction, opportunity and financial gain.

Here are 3 steps to help you to make the leap:

1.  Think back on your reasons for wanting to make a switch:  what was the catalyst for wanting a change?  what do you feel is missing?  what do you visualize as your career future, i.e. what type of activities are you doing?

2.  List your goal – is it a promotion, move to a new company or industry, or going out on your own?  Write out, in clear detail as if you are already in that position, your ultimate end result.  (ex.  “I am the Vice President of Marketing for the ABC Company”).  Set a date for when you would like to achieve this goal.

3.  Write out the steps needed.  If you are looking to make a job move, the steps might be to:  look for open positions, update resume to fit the position, write the cover letter, make a list of people who I can network with to get me to the hiring manager, send out resume, create a job search strategy, etc.  If you are looking at starting your own business, your steps might include:  write a business plan, identify my target and my products and services, develop a budget, identify marketing strategies, etc.

Pulling these all together will help you to determine if this the time to make a career change.  Planning is crucial but doesn’t have to be time-consuming.  Armed with this information, you can now put the plans in place by taking action on them.  Slow and steady is often the theme to move you forward.  So, is this the year that you make a career change?


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