You Can Achieve More Than You Know

I normally do not watch reality TV; I think it’s pretty staged and they only seem to show the worst parts of people.  But I couldn’t help tuning in to watch the finale of Top Chef; for the first time they had a contestant who was blind and won!

In watching her interview later, I felt awe-struck and a little ashamed. Let me explain.  Christine Ha was the winner of the contest. and discussed her “challenge” of being blind.  She had sight up until a few years ago when a genetic problem diminished her sight.  She said that she could see shadows but nothing else. Christine claimed that she was not going to let her lack of sight rob her of pursuing her passion for cooking; she said she was fearful at times but had confidence in her skills that she did not let it prevent her from going after participating in the contest.

Watching Christine prepare a meal was so awe-inspiring that I felt ashamed when I realized that I have complained when things seem hard or feel my challenges are too difficult. I have sometimes let these feelings get in the way of doing and achieving and, sometimes, they have waylayed my progress even further.  How many of you have allowed your challenges or fears get in the way of going after what you want?

The message here  is  that you can achieve more than you know – if you would just allow yourself to believe that statement.  Your thoughts impact how you feel which translates into how you act.  Believing that you can do anything will allow you to commit and take action towards them.  Begin to reframe your thought today – use an affirmation, such as “I know that I can achieve all that I want”; keep focusing and repeating that thought daily, then watch your results.

Christine’s story was a bit of a wake-up call for me and, hopefully, for you as well to be aware that you can achieve more than you know!


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