How Well Do You Maintain Balance?

Do the demands of your daily life ever make you feel like you are a juggler who is trying to keep all the balls in the air?  Between family and work obligations it can seem as if you never have the time to get all the tasks that are being asked completed.  If you have children, this can be even more taxing.  This does not even factor in trying to get in your own personal time that is needed to help lessen the stress.

Here are some questions that can help you determine if you are maintaining a good balance or if you have too many “balls in the air”; there is no right or wrong here:

T____   F____      I eat healthy and exercise regular

T____  F ____      I set aside personal, quiet time for myself daily

T____  F ____      I nurture myself which enables my ability to help others

T____  F ____      I notice and ‘listen’ any emotional signals that tell me I am out of balance (irritable, tense, angry)

T____  F ____      If I want to do something for myself, I don’t put it aside for someone else’s request

T____  F ____      I make time to do the things I want

T____  F ____      I am able to say “no” to others without feeling guilt

T____  F ____     I am busy but I am find joy in the activities I do

How did you do?  If you answered false to any of these, this could be your ‘wake-up call’ to pay attention to all the demands that seem to be placed on you and to determine their importance in your life.  This could be a signal that you are important and need to give to yourself just as much as you do to others.  Work on de-stressing and de-cluttering to make your life more efficient and easier to get tasks done.  Schedule in “Me Time” just as you do other tasks.  Taking these steps and modifying your behavior will help you to become a master juggler who happily does so and gets it all accomplished well.

If you would like help with managing and maintaining balance, call to schedule a discovery session today.  I would love to hear how you maintain balance in your life by posting your comments below!


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