Is It Hard to Look for a Job or to Find One?

As I was driving home from a meeting, I heard an interesting response being discussed on a radio show that involved difficult relationships.  The caller responded by saying that her boyfriend was not living up to his end in their relationship; when probed further, she said that they were both unemployed and that he was finding it hard to look for a job.  I found that statement very disturbing as I’m sure she is not the only one who phrases their job search in that way.

Looking for a job, while time-consuming, is relatively easy if one has a good plan in place for how they will spend their time and where they will look.  When you have a strategy in place, it will make it easy to look for a job.  Finding a job, on the other hand, can be more difficult if not done correctly.  It starts with the right attitude and then planning, as well as ensuring that you have a resume, references, and can translate your skills and experiences in ways that will resonate with an employer.

The “hard to look for a job” mentality keeps you in a poor frame of mind and will keep you from putting yourself out there.   You would actually be presuming that either there are no jobs or no one would hire you which, in all likelihood would come true if you continue to think that way,  Ask the question, “Do I absolutely know this to be true?” – you could not answer yes to anything.  This exercise would help you to stop this ‘magical’ type of thinking and give you the push to put yourself back out and look for a job.  Watching the words you use has a direct impact on how you behave so be mindful of your words.  Just think of the impact you would feel if you changed that phrase to, “It’s easy to look for and to find a job!”



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