Recommitment: Just in Time for My Birthday

In honoring my commitment to post for 30 days, I am writing a short one that is just in time before the end of my birthday.  It seems that the older I get, I appreciate them much more.  I don’t know if that is an aging thing or not, but these milestones represent more than another year older.  To me, they are a chance to make a re-commitment to myself; to up my game and to go for the next level.

Some items on my list are to travel more, to make deeper connections to those in my life, to eat healthier and exercise more, and to play the bigger game in my business.  In helping clients to navigate their re-commitments as they transform to where it is they want to go, I must do the same.  I must ask the same questions and search for the same answers that I ask of those I serve.   I am really enjoying, so far, the results to these commitments that I am responding to and feel more energized and passionate for them.

So, as I say good-bye to the old year and to this birth day, I feel renewed and anticipate what lies ahead.  You will hear how things are going, from time-to-time, in the hope that you will feel inspired to make your own re-commitment.


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