Today is My Gold Medal Day – 100 Posts!

Continuing on in the spirit of the Olympics, today is my gold medal day – or at least I’m bestowing that honor to myself.   This is my 100th post, at least for Your Career Success Blog.   If you are unaware, two years ago my website and blog got hacked so I had to essentially start over.  That blog had over 150 articles written and it was heartbreaking to lose so much (I was able to recover some of those articles).  But, with fierce determination, I immediately started over and wrote, although not as consistently as I had in the past.

However, these Olympics have really inspired me (as if you couldn’t tell from the themes in my latest articles) so I have set my goal to write daily for 30 days.  I love writing and sharing my knowledge as well as that of others, and hopefully, inspiring  along the way.   It’s amazing how committing to a goal keeps you from letting yourself down; I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and almost put off writing a post but I felt as if I was failing against the goal I had set.  Once I began to write, the words flowed and my mood improved.   Taking small sets, via the Kaizen way, helps me to find my voice and follow my passion.  It can work for you, too.  As Kaizen says, “‘small steps lead to big changes.” (you can access my article on my website:

So, today I take my place on the podium and accept my gold medal.  I encourage you to reset a goal you have been pursuing, commit to taking small, consistent steps, and act.   Reach for the gold and join me on the podium!


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