How Satisfied Are You With Your Organizational Life?

I find that the majority of clients I work with are not unhappy with the job they do but they are miserable with their organizational life.  Work-overload, deadlines, personal problems and worries over potential job loss all impact the workplace environment and can contribute to job dissatisfaction.  One can be very involved in the job they do but not in the work environment, and vice-versa, which will affect one’s level of engagement and productivity.

Here is a quick exercise to help you determine your level of organizational satisfaction. Take a piece of paper and rate your level of satisfaction on a scale of 1 (completely dissatisfied) to 10 (totally satisfied); be really honest in your answers:

  1. Effective Communication – how well information is communicated and received throughout the organization, as well as in work relationships
  2. Creativity/Innovation – are employees allowed to use their creativity or is this thwarted; does the organization expand and change to adapt to current trends, or are they the innovators
  3. Fairness/Justice – are employees treated fairly and equally; are policies and procedures followed for all
  4. Measurable Impact – do assigned tasks have measurable outcomes and recognized, or changed, based on these outcomes; are employees recognized for the work they do that leads to significant outcomes/success
  5. Professional Team Dynamics – is the work-group structured in a way that all are contributing, using their skills appropriately, aware of the goals to achieve and communicating often and productively
  6. Effective Conflict Resolution – is the work environment open and allow for freedom of speech to recognize and then resolve conflict; are the policies and procedures clear, known, and followed fairly
  7. Motivation/Clear Purpose – do you feel you fully understand the job duties and work processes; do you have all the information or resources to do the job; does your manager/leader understand your motivations and provide opportunities
  8. Work/Home Balance – are you able to self-manage situations in your home life or work life that may cause you stress;  do you often feel overwhelmed by the ability to get it all done; do you have outlets for relaxation, time management, support

If any of your answers fall in the lower range, take time to analyze areas or situations that are leading you to feel unhappy or frustrated; see what you can change and then take action. Doing so will help you to feel recharged and can decrease your feelings of stress while giving you a sense of mastery over your worklife.  Your level of satisfaction will increase and so will your happiness.





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