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Spring is In The Air – Or Is It?

Today is the first day of Spring, the time when flowers bloom and the birds return; a time of warmer weather and hopefulness for the good times. Living here in Florida, we are having great Spring weather, with the temperatures in the 70’s & 80’s (I’m loving my low electric bill). But this is not a hopeful Spring for many right now; my parents live up North and it’s still cold with some snow (I guess Punxatawney Phil was right).

This all comes down to perspectives and how you view situations that are put in your path: you can either look at them in a positive way or negatively, which will determine your outlook and productivity. If all you see are dark days, then you will only see everything as a dark day, irregardless if good happens. Changing your attitude and perspective is an individual choice to make, which can either keep you in focused, action mode or it will keep you down. I am so thankful for the small electric bills I have now, as I know in another month we’ll be back into the 90’s and my air conditioner will be going = $$; but I can be grateful that I have one as there are many people who don’t and suffer through the cold and heat.

Being negative also takes its toll on you emotionally, as your cells respond to those negative words and thoughts and lead you to feeling bad about your situation, which then begets more bad feelings. Are you starting to see how this goes? The good news is that you don’t have to stay in this negative pattern, you can actually push through them:

  • Be aware of any negative thoughts, feelings, and words, whether they come from you or from someone else
  • Stop – don’t allow them to form or continue; put a rubber band on your wrist and flick it at the first notice as this will interrupt the pattern to do so
  • Replace the negatives with positive thoughts; Dr. Srini Pillay, founder of Neurobusiness Group, says that we need three (3) positive thoughts to override one negative, so use affirmations or talk to yourself in a nice, nurturing manner to start a new, positive habit

These tips will help ‘spring’ you forward to having a more positive and successful life. One precaution is that this will not be an ‘easy’ task, as you need to unlearn old patterns you’ve been using for years. But, by choosing to go towards a more positive life, and using these tips to overcome negative habits, you can turn your life into what you desire.


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Don’t Believe Everything You See or Hear


I’m sure you’ve all heard this saying; we here in Florida did have rain over the weekend and my flowers are starting to bloom again. However, for parts of the country, particularly in the Northeast, their saying goes something like this:


Yes, those folks (my family included) are now dealing with snow that has blanketed the ground and brought very chilly temperatures. What gives? Wasn’t it back in February that we saw Punxatawney Phil not see his shadow, which meant an early Spring. People were cheering, especially after temperatures did rise. But, not all is at it seems.

I wonder how many people will believe Phil, or his handlers, after this. It reminds me of our weather in Florida and hurricanes – the weathermen preach doom and gloom and ‘take cover’ predictions but then we only get a little bit of rain; the next time, people are dismissive and unbelievers (I remember people being unprepared and laughing off predictions when we had 4 hurricanes – they learned).

Why is it that we seem to believe everything we see or hear, or reject, and then wonder why things turn out the way they do?  Why are some people so willing to take opinions from others while others reject everything they hear? We do have to look at history and patterns which do influence our thinking and, ultimately, decision-making for how we lead our lives. One person can be so trusting, willing to follow the crowd; often, they don’t trust themselves or decisions they make out of some fear, such as rejection, being wrong, getting laughed at, saying the wrong thing, etc. They can’t face a consequence, which is made up in their mind.

And then the other group has been hurt in some way  – disappointed or rejected – so they have their ‘armor’ on and are not willing to entertain any other thought or take a risk. They face the same fears as the first group but these individuals have ‘proof’ that whatever is out there won’t work so they never try.

Our brains have this funny way of protecting us, which is not always healthy; denial is a useful tool in certain situations and time, such as during a death or divorce. But it is not meant to stay and be the ‘go-to’ coping mechanism for how we lead our life. If the painful situation is not dealt with, then one of the self-sabotaging behaviors above will emerge, acting as the director for the actions you take which will lead to facing the very situation you’ve been avoiding and feeling unprepared. The emotional effects begin to take their toll and lead to life-long patterns.

Only when you start trusting yourself, develop healthier ways of dealing with past hurts and being open to what those experiences taught you (you have survived, right?) will you begin to lead the life you desire. Begin to challenge and question your thoughts – “is this true? (Byron Katie). Stop stressing about situations you cannot get back or control. I love this saying: “We can’t control situations that happen to us; but we can control how we think about them” (abridged, Brian Tracy). Start today with this new month and start living your best life!

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