Dealing With Loss During the Holidays

This time of year can be hard for those of us who have lost a loved one. I lost my beloved dog, Bailey, right at Christmas back in in 2014; it was unexpected and devastating, to say the least, as I had her for 11 years. She was such a good companion that I still feel lost. There’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss her.

The holidays can be tough for those who have lost a loved one, whether that is through death or a divorce. Loss can be felt over many situations, especially with what we’ve all been through these last ten months due to Covid. It’s taken so much.

Making it through will happen; the pain will be there but there are ways to get through each day more joyfully:

1. Recognize that you will experience a range of emotions, from feeling sadness, anger, guilt, loneliness, to feelings of calm and happiness. Although each emotion may not last long, just knowing the range will not come as a surprise when they do which will make them easier to get through.

2. Find a way to honor your loved one; some suggestions would be to share your favorite story about them or singing their favorite Christmas song; bring out your pictures of them to relive happier times; or have a conversation with them. These rituals can be private or shared with family and friends. Making your loved one part of the day keeps them in your heart.

3. Get support, meaning be with family or friends as they can be there to listen, to cry with you, and help you as you go through the various emotions that might come throughout this time. Praying is a great comfort, as well as expressing your gratitude for the time you had with your loved one and how they impacted your life. 

Working through your grief can be painful but I strongly suggest not recognizing your emotions and the work that needs to happen that will take you to healing. Everyone grieves differently so whatever and however you feel is ok. Just know that, with time, you will get through this – your loved one is watching out for you. 

I hope you have a successful week – If you need help gaining clarity on your business or career goals, or in developing your action plan, why not get some help – stop the struggle and call today to get started. I’d love to help you build the career and business of your dreams!


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