The Latest ‘What People Earn’ Report

As I’ve been reporting on ‘What People Earn’ report for the last few years, the latest news just came out. I love this report, as it shows several interesting facts:

  • it shows the potential for what one can make in their career
  • it shows the passions people have and will work for, no matter the income
  • it shows the disparity in wages
  • it shows the creativity some people will take to be happy in their career
  • it shows the possibilities to create your own career/job happiness

Here are some of the more interesting jobs and earnings in the report (Parade Magazine, 2018):

  • Wine tour driver – $18,000
  • Found & owner of a tea company – $0 (puts all money back into the business)
  • Farmer – $30, 594
  • Founder of Stitch Fix – $534,955
  • Radiologist – $400,000
  • NYPD fingerprint technician trainee – $29,205
  • Graphic Designer – $60,000
  • Tasker at Task Rabbit – $25,696
  • Airbnb Superhost – $8,000
  • Bridesmaid for hire – $65,000
  • Guitar stringer and inspector – $35,000
  • Hollywood Stuntman – $280,000
  • Elementary school teacher – $35,000
  • Custom tailor – $748,000
  • Zoo curator and vet tech – $33,545
  • Uber driver – $25,000
  • Wildland firefighter – $18,000
  • Pet care company owners – $64,000

Of course, there are the proverbial movie and sports stars on the list but it amazes me to see a tailor making almost $1million, while a firefighter is making under $20k. The most creative? The Brides Maid for Hire – she rents herself out to take care of tasks that those in a wedding party would do, to take the stress off of these tasks – how ingenious is that?

It just goes to show that careers are an individual choice and endeavor and, with the right mindset and focus, you can make it what you want it to be. Career management is for life; taking control of it is what will bring you success.

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