Mindset Determines Your Next Job Steps

If you’ve ever been laid off from a job, or are not where you want to be in your career, your mindset matters as to what your next steps will be and how quickly you take action.


Losing a job feels horrible. It attacks your self-esteem, your confidence, and your drive. It becomes harder to pick yourself up after such a loss, especially if it was not handled well. You might become angry, panicked, or depressed. If allowed to continue, these emotions can swallow you into a deep, dark state.

You might find you are irritable and snappy with others; you might not be eating or sleeping well, and start to experience health issues, like headaches, back pain, or stomach problems. Eventually, health continues to decline.

What is leading to this is mindset; what will get you out of this is mindset. We act off of emotions, which start the process. But a thought is what leads to the emotion, which we may not always be aware of. Worry of money – lack of – and threats to  our safety and security are enough to activate the fear center, setting off bells and whistles of  ‘Danger!’

You then go into your pattern of running or fighting, and finding safety again. Changing mindset at this juncture is critical to ‘dusting yourself off and getting back out there.  Taking time to heal is critical, but so is changing mindset so your confidence and motivation returns. It will determine the next steps – and the drive – to getting your next job.

  • Take time to rant, vent, cry, curse – you name it. Getting the anger out, in a healthy manner, is great for you as holding them is not; eventually, the negative feelings will come out eventually and not in healthy ways
  • Don’t fall into the victim mode, i.e. ‘poor me.’ It happened, accept it and move on. Wallowing does no one any good. Accept any responsibility you had and then let it go. Most often, these decisions are made for the business and not personally.
  • Create a plan for your job search – this very act will help you to keep more focused and give you direction every day. Include tasks, such as: companies to apply to, update resume, review accomplishment, stay alert on industry trends, research companies and their mission/values/, etc.
  • Set a starting date and… GO! Taking one action will put you back in the driver’s seat and on the course to get your life back.

Losing a job is not easy but it isn’t the end of the world, unless you allow it to be. There will be challenges but there also is support you can get to help in navigating the course. If you can’t afford a career coach, there are community agencies who are funded and can help. I worked a job fair yesterday providing resume reviews for a nonprofit agency, to which hundreds attended. It all starts with changing your mindset to seeing more positivity and opportunities, then taking small steps to achieving them.

If you’d like to learn more and how to get the most out of yourself, and your people, we’re here to serve. We have our Fableader program where we will:

  • Look at your goals, challenges you are facing, and opportunities you might be missing. 
  • Uncover any hidden problems that may be sabotaging your desired results
  • Create an action plan and implement it together so that you finally get the results you have been looking for but were unable to find.
  • Address challenges that come up along the way, leaving you feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to take action and get faster results

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to schedule your Fableader Breakthrough Strategy Session. barbara@cyscoaching.com Visit our website at http://cyscoaching.com and our blog at https://allaboutcareerssite.com.


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