Authenticity is Required in A Brand

I’m sure you’ve run into someone who says they do one thing but you find out it’s not so much later on. I know I have.

Years ago, I wanted a particular position in a company I worked for; this position was to open a new department, which I had the knowledge, resources and experiences needed. However, they hired someone who had a credential I did not have, which was never divulged during my interview. This person was talked up about their experience and how it would lead to the new department.

This person was let go with two months. Why? While they had the credential, and some experience, they were not who they said they were. They weren’t authentic in their words or actions which was ultimately found out.


Being authentic means that your words and actions align, or are congruent. Meaning that what you say and what you do match. Being authentic also means that you stay true to who you are at the core and speak from that space. You stand firm in your beliefs and values and don’t worry what others think about them – or you.

You also don’t infringe on others and accept people for who they are. This leads to how you make others feel and how they, then, feel about you. You now are a brand and are standing firm in it.

Take time to identify how authentic you are and what has led to times when you aren’t, and what has led to this. Understanding the root-cause now leads to turning them around so you stand firm in your authentic self.  (By the way, I did get the job after they let the other person go, to which I successfully opened the new department.).

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