Are Transitions and Transformations the Same Thing?

This week has focused on making a transition, or moving to something new. Are they the same thing as making a transformation? Both involve movement of some type. The definitions of transformation are very vague: the act or process of transforming; false hair worn especially by women to replace or supplement natural hair (WHAT???); change in form, appearance, nature or character (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Since the definitions are unclear, or not compelling, does this relate to why, although transformations are desired, they can lead to confusion and inaction on starting or successfully going through one? They actually both relate to change, with one being external (transition) and one being internal (transformation). You can’t really have one without the other.


Making any type of a transition will change you fundamentally. You will need to have a new mindset and outlook, you will tap into motivation you never knew you had, and you will need to learn how to adapt to the role or person you become.

This is what Joan found when she decided to go after a leadership role within her organization. She knew she wanted to transition to a new role but she had to change herself to do so, namely in identifying and reinforcing the skills needed for the role. She had to learn how to step into the leadership shoes her organization wanted, which took work on being a better communicator, a visionary, and more caring about others, which was a stretch for her.

Joan was able to transition to the new leader role but what she found was a whole lot more. She learned more about herself and her skills and strengths to make changes that, ultimately, made her a better person all-around. These changes led to more confidence in her abilities and her new role to be effective and to perform well; her employees looked up to her and worked to their highest, which led to profitable output and a synergistic team.

A transformation will allow you to make a transition successfully. Identifying the skills, strengths,  and mindset needed – tapping deep within yourself – is what will make any transition easier and will lead to having more in your career, your business, and your life. Both a transition and transformation will take work and pushing through any resistance you might experience but, doing so, will lead to the success you desire. Be like Joan.

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