The Ins and Outs of Transitions

At one point or another, everyone will make a transition of soe type. Some are small while others are major events, such as being let go from a job, going through a divorce, or death. I lost an Uncle this morning, who helped me through a transition years ago.

I often think of how we make it through when one occurs as it seems there is a lot of resistance that takes place. Our response will depend if it is our choice or not; however, even when it’s a choice a transition can be painful.

What is a transition anyway? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a transition is “a passage from one state or stage to another; a movement, development, or evolution from one stage or style to another.” Transitions are all about movement.

In life, we either stay stagnant or we go forward. Clients who come to me do so because they want to move forward but feel stuck, or stagnant, and don’t know how to begin or sustain their effort. I’ve been in this state a time or two myself, so I know the struggle and frustration that occurs.

Moving through a transition takes planning and focus, along with a good sense of humor. If we don’t laugh about troubled time they can eat us alive. This week, the focus will be on various types of transitions and how to move them more easily. What type of transition(s) have you gone through and how did you make it through?


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