Good Leaders Have Good, Daily Habits

When we think of good leaders, there are several that come to mind: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, and John Maxwell. What makes them so ‘good’? In addition to creating profitable and well-known companies, they all have strict daily habits that they live(d) by.


Leading is a big responsibility and the world lays on their shoulders – profits, customer retention, and happy workers. There are many issues they have to deal with during the course of their day that, if not managed, can lead to overwhelm, non-productivity, and stress which could eventually manifest into burnout.

Good leaders know that to avoid those, they need to be disciplined and create good daily habits that will lead to getting more done, to being more effective, and being happier in the process. They do this by adhering to daily habits for how they start, and make it through, their day:

  • They start their day with an affirmation or meditation, as this preps the mind and gives calm to the brain and body; this allows for creative ideas to come and a positive mindset that sets the tone for their day. These are done upon rising, either before out of bed, or shortly after
  • Journal – good leaders journal about their thoughts and feelings, as this type of writing gives us more perspective while releasing pent-up emotions. Journaling also captures creative ideas to take back to their team, or can help to come up a solution to difficult issues that need to be resolved
  • Set goals – setting goals is a great way to know what needs to get done and when, so good leaders take time to set goals and plan for the day. Those leaders I mentioned set theirs, some in the morning and, like John Maxwell, in the evening; he reviews what went on in his day and then sets his goals for the next day, which he says helps him sleep better and starts his day right as he knows exactly what he’s doing
  • Eat right – feeding our body with good foods fuels our performance and mindset, as we see the effects that sugar and other things we take in can do. Good leaders understand this so they start their day off with a good breakfast, including drinking water, as it gives needed energy for high level activities
  • Exercise – any form of exercise releases endorphins, which increases energy and mood. Good leaders do some type of exercise, usually in the morning (yes, this may mean getting up early), such as walking, running, lifting weights, boxing, swimming, yoga, and the like. Exercise also shows gives a sense of accomplishment and achievement
  • Set timelines – getting anything done requires a timeline for when it will get started and finished; without them, it’s like going on a trip without a destination. Setting a timer on your phone, or an actual timer, such as or, say for 20 minutes and working to that time, will keep you focused on the task. Our brains get tired after 20 minutes of sustained work so help it out; this also trains the brain to focus.
  • Make connections – interpersonal connections are important for us, as it’s human nature and prevents isolation and loneliness which leaders can experience in their role. Getting out with your people, or networking with peers gives needed in-person connections; picking up the phone and, yes, even texting helps us relate. But we can also make connections with the external world, such as being in nature for instance, trees release needed oxygen to help with our breathing and provides calm. Good leaders make these part of their daily routine
  • They work on their personal development – good leaders read, not just business-related books, but those that help them understand human behavior, such as communication skills, conflict negotiations, and mindset. They watch TEDTalks, webinars, and belong to a mastermind group and/or a professional association. They also hire a coach, who can help them with their motivation and performance and setting good habits that will sustain them

Setting good daily habits is essential to a leadership role, as it aids in higher performance while giving balance to their day. Finding a routine that works may take some testing but the benefits are so worth it.

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