Activating the Brain’s Reward Center

It’s Friday – TGIF! You’ve made it through the work-week and can now look forward to days off and having fun, perhaps going to a movie or, like me, out dancing; or, perhaps, it’s just veg’ing out and doing nothing. What you’ve essentially done is reward yourself for making it through the week.


Rewards are important as they can be motivators for taking action on goals. Leaders need to know how to use rewards effectively so they can activate the positive parts of the brain and get more done. They also create trust and connection which are so important in the boss-employee relationship.

So how does the brain work when it comes to rewards? Our emotions lie in the limbic system, which is in the top center of the brain. This is where bonding, passion, and motivation lie. Tapping into this part of the brain will lead to more bonding, as oxytocin and dopamine are released and lead to trust, as well. Dopamine (the happy chemical) leads to passion and, then, motivation.

For leaders, this can mean:

  • setting stretch goals that will challenge and motivate
  • allowing workers to add their thoughts and ideas to the goal
  • finding out what gives passion to your workers to use these as motivators
  • allowing workers to work independently and take their ideas toward goal fulfillment
  • offering feedback and praise, especially in front of others
  • having team building activities, i.e. eating lunch with them, team-building activities (bonding)

All of these ideas are easy to implement but can go a long way to creating a high performing, well-connected team. When these are in place, there is a synergy among them and the work gets done on a higher level, i.e. quality, quantity; plus, it makes for connections and a happier workplace. Since it’s Friday, take time to find a reward that will send your workers off on a good place and where they are eager to return for the new week.

If you’d like to learn more about the brain and how to get the most out of yourself, and your people, we’re here to serve. We have our Fableader program where we will:

  • Look at your goals, challenges you are facing, and opportunities you might be missing. 
  • Uncover any hidden problems that may be sabotaging your desired results
  • Create an action plan and implement it together so that you finally get the results you have been looking for but were unable to find.
  • Address challenges that come up along the way, leaving you feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to take action and get faster results

If you’re ready to get started, contact us today to schedule your Fableader Breakthrough Strategy Session. Visit our website at and our blog at



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