Even a Prince Uses LinkedIn

I found it interesting to hear a report this morning that Prince Harry and his fiance, Meghan Markle, have taken to LinkedIn in their quest to hire a communications specialist. This person is to help with planning events for them, as well as handling social media, and will be based out of Buckingham Palace. The position is for 12 months.


If you think of this in the bigger picture, there are two things that come to mind:

  1. the validity of LinkedIn in sourcing viable candidates
  2. the reach and power of LinkedIn

This recruiting effort will give hope to many on the power LinkedIn has: for job seekers, for speakers and coaches, for business owners/organizations. LinkedIn is a great way to show your expertise, through participation in groups and sharing knowledge by writing articles and in daily posts. In doing so, you can get known and contacted to partner with others in your field, to be attracted to a recruiter or hiring manager, or to get hired by someone who is looking for your skills and talents.

LinkedIn raises your profile to a higher level so you are playing in a global world, not just in your state or country. You can reach out and get connected to people you would be unable to or you never knew existed; finding connections in companies or vendors you are seeking (i.e. IT, Marketing, coaches, speaker, etc.) is easier and more manageable since you can search for them in a vetted source; you can look at testimonials and references to validate someone’s reputation and skills to see if you want to reach out to them; and you can become a member of a group or community and build relationships without even meeting in person.

If you’re not using LinkedIn, or are toying with it, I’d encourage you to become involved; write articles, post your thoughts/ideas around your industry or niche topic, participate in groups, and interact with others. If the royals are using it to hire, this a strong recommendation as to its benefits. (Now, I wonder how many new sign-ups will happen once people hear about this; I hope the palace has a team of screeners as I imagine the volume of applications that will be coming through.) It will be interesting to see how this plays out and who gets hired in the end.

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