Winding Down the End of the Year

First off, I hope you had a very happy Christmas, however you celebrated. Now, it’s time to think ahead as this is the last week of 2017. For many – myself included- work will resume tomorrow (it always sounds good at the time when I made this schedule; now….)

As we are winding down these last few days, how will you plan for 2018? What will you determine to do in the new year and what will be different? That is the key – uncovering what you will stop doing that will lead you to more success with whatever goals you plan to achieve.


These can include:

  • Stop complaining or being negative, especially about your job
  • Stop procrastinating on tasks you say you want (but don’t)
  • Stop spending more money than you bring in but wonder why (goes back to #1)
  • Stop relying on one income source as there are ways to create multiple streams of income that can bridge financial gaps
  • Stop eating too much or not exercising, even though you have the time; stop saying “I feel so fat” but continue to eat or “I feel so out of shape” but sit (and watch TV, play video games,etc.)
  • Stop not being a team player at work – remember there is no “I” in team; be a contributor and help your fellow workers out in achieving work goals
  • Stop keeping emails you don’t read, mail you won’t open, or anything you say “I’ll get to it later” (you won’t)
  • Stop winging it – doing anything without a plan won’t get much done, or not as well with one
  • Stop comparing yourself to others or worrying about what they think, which creates stress and inaction – the only opinion is yours; you have to stay in your own lane and do what you think is right as well as having good coping skills, such as through mindfulness practices

These are just things to start to think about as we wind down 2017. It’s a different way in your planning but very effective. I’ll be sharing more tips this week to help you with your goal planning that will lead to more success. If you’re ready to plan – let’s talk!

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