Making the Case for Career Pathing in Organizations

In looking at perks that employees want within their organization, one that stands out is the idea of career pathing; this is a plan for the progressions the employee will take while employed with their organization. While not every employee wants to move up into a leader role, they do want to know their are opportunities for them to do so. A career path plan will show them.


Career paths aren’t just upward progressions; they include:

  • assessment of current skills and aptitudes
  • personality
  • strengths
  • values
  • skill developmental needs and identification of trainings that will develop them
  • leadership desire and development (upward mobility)
  • mentoring or sponsorship opportunities
  • designation of roles both supervisor and employee will play in each
  • scheduling of check-in times to review and amend, as needed, the plan

Developing this plan will take some work and time on both the employee and their supervisor but it will be worth it. As workers know they have a clear plan and path for what they need to do to become valuable and a high performer, they will be happier which will show in their work, while the organization benefits from this. Supervisors will also be clear on how to guide and direct their workers, which will enable performance reviews to have a basis to stand on.

Getting the support of the HR department and/or a career coach will get the process started and can see it through until development. Adding a coaching component to the plan will also get workers more directed and accountable for following through on the plan. Setting up career pathing plans will raise your engagement levels and productivity which, ultimately, will lead to better customer service, a better brand, and more profits. If you’re ready to get started, let’s talk; contact us today to get your employees started.

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