Lessons from the 12-Year Old Who Just Won a Million

Last night, for the first time a 12-year has won America’s Got Talent. It came down between her and another child, who is a singer. The winner is a ventriloquist, who has only started two years ago. Now that is true talent.


I watched her journey from the beginning, with a shy girl walking on stage to a  performer winning it all. Her confidence grew as the season went on; the more accolades and positive feedback she received, the better her performance. She actually out-performed Terry Fator, season two winner and my favorite.  Now, I’m wondering how her live show in Los Vegas will be handled, considering she’s still in school, her development, and child labor laws. I’m sure this all will be worked out.

So what lessons can we learn from this amazing girl? I see several that we can all run with:

  • you’re never too young (or too old) to uncover and develop your skills and passions
  • practice is the key to skill-development and success; she said she practiced daily, and not just one time per day; consistency is what leads to good habits and mastery
  • it’s important to have people who believe in and support you – I’m admire her parents who encouraged her to pursue ventriloquism; my ideas were always ‘a pipe dream’ so kudos to them
  • it takes courage and self-belief to put yourself out there – I’m in awe of people who believe in what they do that they are willing to push aside any fears or worries of what others think. Maybe it’s the mindset of a child to not have these cares yet, but to stand on a stage in front of 16 million people takes a lot. No fear is the motto
  • networking will get you somewhere – it was impressive to see that the famous ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham, has known and mentored her; whether she won or not, she has networked with the judges who believe in her talent and will promote her. Networks will lead you to where you want to go
  • mentoring helps you reach your goals – I mentioned that the winner had a mentor – look where she wound up. There are many ways you can find a mentor: at work, your alumni or professional association, former professors, your church, in-person networking meetings, or online sites. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; we all need guidance (and accountability) along the way
  • you can be an inspiration for others – it was so heartwarming to see videos and stories she received from others who now want to learn ventriloquism; this is how movements are started

I’m looking forward to see the career of this young girl and how she fares as she grows older. Hopefully, her parents, and others in her circle, will take measures to protect her on a financial and emotional level. The higher one goes, the more stress and pressure can come along. But I’m hoping that she never loses her love for her craft and continues to entertain – and keep inspiring – us for years to come.

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