Last Checks – Are You Prepared?

We are now at T-minus &* this is the last day they are saying we need to prepare. It’s been raining on and off since early this morning; I look like a drenched rat as I’ve been taking my outside patio and plants in. I tried to board up windows but my ‘help’ did not show up so I’m praying that my windows hold up.


How prepared do you feel? What more do you need to consider and take action on so you can have peace of mind (as much as you can as this storm gets closer)? Here are some considerations; if you have taken action on them, great but, if not, get started:

  • Inventory and take picture of your belongings, both inside and out. This will help you if you have to file an insurance claim. Includes the roof, the yard and greenery, and your car.
  • Put important document in plastic bags so they are protected. Put them in a plastic bin or backpack, which you can keep in your closet; I’ve put some of them in my dishwasher. The oven could also be used.


  • For your business, store your tax documents in plastic bags – you don’t want to be caught when it’s time to file. Be sure your technology is protected also. Move them away from windows, unplug them, cover, if necessary
  • Charge all electronics i.e. laptops, cell phones, portable batteries, portable radios. I can’t take credit for this, but you can charge old cell phones as you can still call 911.
  • Have a plan for after the storm – who will you call to let them know of your status; what will you need to do in the event of damage; keep your home and car insurance info with you so you won’t have to look for them after. Being proactive now will make things clearer after
  • Be sure you have ways to pass the time, both if you do and don’t lose power; there is nothing worse then boredom. This could be a good time to play those board  or card games you’ve been putting off; it could be a good time to write those articles you’ve dying to do. This will also ease any anxiety that the storm will bring
  • Ensure you have cash – if power goes out, you won’t be able to pay with a credit card or use the ATM so don’t be left behind on this. Get gas, also.  Gather all your flashlights and candles in one place so they are easier to find; keep batteries in this location, also.
  • Look at what tools or supplies you may need if you have damage, such as power saw for downed branches, rake, large trash bags, bleach, cleaning supplies, hammer/nails, wrench, duct tape, etc. Keep them one location so, again, you don’t have to look for them and can right down to business
  • Sleep – catch up on sleep while you can, and work to relax. Storms of this magnitude can heighten anxiety, which can impact sleep so working to use relaxation techniques (deep breathing, meditation, journaling, etc.) will keep you alert but less stressed and in control of your situation

These are just some of the actions I’ve taken. I’ll be going to my sister’s house, as hers is hurricane-built. I know I will be worried about my house, and what I might face, but I’ve feeling good about the preparations I’ve taken. Now I’m off to get cash and finish some last minute packing to leave. For those who will be impacted by Irma, I am sending positive thoughts and vibes for your safety. We will make it through – catch you on the other side!

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