Three-Day Weekend: Staying Focused to Do Good Work

First off – Happy TGIF! It’s almost time for the weekend, which Labor Day is Monday so for most, it will be three-days off. Looking forward to having an extra day off is exciting but can almost be distracting. You just can’t wait to get through the work day and get out.


How do you stay focused on your work tasks and not be in (mini) vacation mode? This is really important to be mindful of as you go about your day – time off doesn’t start until your actually out the door; you could get distracted by thoughts of your plans for time off, which takes you away from the tasks at hand. Results? sloppy work, poor customer service, disengagement.

The concept of ‘Vacation Mindset’ equates to getting into the mode of disconnecting from work, and thinking about it, and looking towards having fun, or whatever you have planned. It’s not thinking about work, or spending time on work activities while away, which includes checking your cell phone or email. When away, you want to use the time to relax and unwind so that when you do return to work, you feel refreshed and ready for those new challenges.

But it is a detriment to your and your coworkers if you are not all-present. Have you ever gotten frustrated with a coworker when you felt they were slacking? I’m sure we all have at one time or another – DON’T be that person!

A great tip to stay focused is to set some tangible goals for your day; look at all you have to accomplish and then chunk them down into manageable tasks, then set a time to get them done.  Do the same with your work tasks for when you return. You will be more focused, accomplished, and be ready to leave work behind, while not thinking or worrying about it. Help yourself to leave the door in relaxation mode – enjoy the weekend!

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