Creating Daily Rituals to Increase Productivity and Attitude

Last week, I completed two challenges: one was to get more clients and the other was for Instagram; what I found was that both helped me to be more laser-focused in my message and brand, and then how to convey this more effectively.  But I learned something more to pass on.


These were not the only challenges I’ve done – I guess I love them -as I need the self-motivation I get from these; they push you outside of your comfort zone to do the work in the challenge. Being accountable to yourself – and not wanting to let yourself down – really pushes you through. I also found that there were many others who felt as I do so the support was there; I didn’t feel as vulnerable when I saw others struggles and actually got validated that I’m further ahead than most.

The biggest lesson I learned is that these challenges make you create rituals and to be scheduled, both of which leads to more productivity and sense of accomplishment. For example, I run a Facebook group, so I have to get up early to ensure posts get in and comments are responded to and by a certain time. Having this responsibility creates a sense of urgency so it becomes more compelling to get tasks done. The more I’ve done, the easier it becomes and is now part of my daily routine. And the better I feel.

You have this same ability to go and get challenged – the more accomplished you feel, the more positive your outlook will be. This leads to doing more and more but not feeling overworked or stressed. You want your day to go by effortlessly, and to do so each day. Here are a few lessons I learned to stop the struggle:

  • find, or create, a challenge for yourself – this would entail short-term goals to be completed on a daily basis. For instance, one day, I had to write down what is stopping me from my goals and then take a picture and post it in the group – I was not alone. The benefit of doing so is that you chunk down bigger tasks, so they don’t seem so threatening, and puts your mindset in performing mode.
  • get an accountability partner – see if you can get others you know to do the challenge with you and then hold you to accomplishing the day’s task; knowing that there were others doing the challenge, for me, was so inspiring to see what others were doing, and that they were motivated enough to do each day’s challenge. It moved me to finish each challenge
  • become more clear on your goals – the beauty of a challenge, such as the ones I’ve done, is that I didn’t come up with the goals or daily tasks to be done, I just had to complete them. This helped me to get down and do the work, but in a more a laser-focused way. I found that this opened up my brain and I was able to create more, such as in targeting my ideal client (or avatar). You could ask your accountability partner(s) to do the same; if you are doing this on your own, make a list of 5 short, actionable steps that will push you to complete them
  • get feedback – I found that it was really helpful when I got feedback from the group moderator as it made me amend any confusions while also giving me validation that I’m on the right track. As your partner(s) to give you daily feedback as it takes you our of your perspective and gives you a bigger picture you may not have thought of
  • have task lists – I have found that writing down daily tasks is a key component to challenges as they are good reminders of what needs done, but I also found that my confidence and self-esteem were raised by checking off completed tasks. I also feel accountable to the list to ensure what I say I want to do gets done. However you want to make a list is fine, i.e. on your phone, on a calendar, on paper.

I don’t know where my next challenge lies but I know these will not be my last. In fact, I plan to run my own challenges for my clients as you can get more done, while developing good habits that will last, ala the Kaizen way. My challenge to you today is to take some time today and think of a goal you either haven’t accomplished (yet) or one that you’ve been thinking of but haven’t moved on it. Look online to see if you can find one to join; if not, take steps to create your own. I’ve given you the basics above – now just plug in your goal and you’re ready!

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