What Eclipse?

I feel so disappointed – the eclipse went by but it was so cloudy here in Florida that there wasn’t much to see. I’m glad I didn’t invest in those glasses but I did make a viewer with a cereal box, to which I could see a few shadows. Glad I watched (with envy) of those cities in the direct path and watch what they got to see; there was even a couple who got married for the purpose of the infamy but it was cloudy and rained but, the sun may have smiled on them, as they got to experience the darkness at the last minute.


I did wake up today with renewed energy, which I’m attributing to the pull of the planets and rotations. Whatever the reason, I’m grateful for this renewed feeling. Today is a great day to cleanse and purge – out with the old and to set new intentions for the future. Look, also, at the way this eclipse brought people together all over the country, who only wanted to focus on experiencing this phenomenon and not the divergence which we’ve been seeing lately.

While I feel disappointed I didn’t get to experience what I thought I might, I am still grateful for the day and renewed hope it has brought me. What about you – has there been any effect you’ve experienced?

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