Time to Go Do Your Best Work – Start Off the Week ‘Right’

Here we are at another new month – time is  really flying by. Being that this is the first Monday of the new month, and new week, decide that it’s time to do your best work. You’re probably thinking, ‘I always do my best work,’ but do you? There are very few who really are at a 100% level, and on a daily basis. There are ‘those days’ where things might feel ‘off’ and you’re not as engaged in your work as you would like to be.

We all feel this way, at times; for some, this feeling is a daily occurrence. How can you change this pattern, if you’re stuck in one? How can you keep at your highest level, which can bring you more satisfaction, more recognition, and more money (eventually)? Here are three quick tips to set the tone for your day and get you motivated to perform at your best:

  1. Set the tone for your day – I recommend doing this the night before your workday and workweek; this involves a review of the prior day/week and what your wins were, what goals you reached, as well as what you did not get done. Exploring the positives and negatives can uncover actions you should continue doing, as well as those you should stop. This will lead into the next step…..
  2. Set new goals for each day of the week – write down all job tasks and deadlines you need to achieve for the week, as well as listing any meetings or appointments you must attend, phone calls you need to make, people you need to follow-up with, as well as resources you may need to get all tasks accomplished. By writing your goals, you’ll sleep better by knowing exactly what you need to do the next day – you won’t worry about them.
  3. Set your mind – don’t start your week with any negative thoughts, i.e. ‘ugh, I hate Mondays.’ This will only reinforce bad attitudes and actions. Write and say a positive affirmation about your week, such as “This week will be amazing;” “I look forward to accomplishing my goals and tasks;” “I will do my best work to ensure our customers are satisfied.”

Go out and do your best work – remember why you are working and who for. It will make a great start to the week and you’ll soon look forward to each day of the job. Have a great day/week!

If you’re struggling with setting goals or being happy on the job – let’s talk. Contact us today to love the work you do: http://www.cyscoaching.com


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