“What Do You Do?” Wednesday

Name: Wende Landt, Realtor

What led you into this profession?

I began as a real estate investor, buying a property and renting it out, then selling it for a profit and buying another property. I found that I was sharing information with my friends on what I was learning but referred them to realtors I knew. Then, the ‘lightbulb’ went of:  “Why wasn’t I their agent?” Hence, my career in real estate sales.

What appealed to you?

The flexible hours to care for my children and have a great business. The industry is always changing and I love technology and learning, so combining this with helping people during a time that can be stressful – I knew this was the right business for me.

What did it take for you to get into this position?

To obtain a real estate license, I first had to pass a pre-licensing course, pass a background check, and then pass the State exam. Once the basic exams are done, in order to begin selling you must find a broker and sign up for the local LMS and Realtor associations. It then becomes following this by doing a lot of learning on how to actually have a business, including contracts and negotiating.

What is the best part of your day?

Saving my clients money! I love to get them the best deals possible.

What is the worst part of your day?

When things happen beyond my control that hurts the client. A big issue is with financing.

What is the average salary and perks of the job?

For a full-time agent, I would say the average salary is $60,000/year. The largest perk is making your own schedule. Of course, this is balanced by being available when your clients need you. You can do much of your work anywhere there is an internet connection and a phone.

How would someone get into this profession?

Finding a school that teaches pre-licensing course is the first and foremost step, I do suggest getting a mentor and/or coach as soon as possible.

What words of advice and/or recommendations would give to someone who is thinking of this profession as a career?

It can be overwhelming when you first start, which is normal. Remember that this business is not as easy as it may appear. There are many legally-binding parts of the contract to learn, and you will be need to protect your client’s money to the best of your ability. This is likely the largest purchase your clients will make, and it can be a very stressful process. Remember to have patience, be honest, and remember the golden rule in life.

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