Doodling as a Creativity and Focus Tool

I was pleasantly surprised when I read a recent article tooting the benefits of doodling; I am not much of a drawer but I sure can doodle all day. Studies have shown that doodling helps with concentration, focus and retention of information. It also helps with our imagination and creativity, and seeing the big picture (Brown, 2014).

Doodling is also a mindfulness practice, which can help relieve stress and anxiety we may experience in our everyday lives. Doodling can be done while on the phone or at our desk, although I wouldn’t recommend spending hours in this practice. However, it can be a great way to resolve a problem or before you sit and come up with ideas for a new project. I read that Ron Howard doodles before he storyboards his movies. If this benefits him, I’m in!

The next time you feel stressed, or want to come up with how to deal with a situation, take some time and make marks on a paper; draw stick figures (my method), or words that come to mind. You can then color them, or even put them in different colors as the right brain comes alive and the left goes into problem-solving. As I already am practicing my gratitude and working on meditating, I’ll be adding this practice to my ‘tool box” – at least this one I can do without much effort. I’m looking forward to the added benefits. I hope you give it a try!

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