Is an Idea Ever Too Big? 3 Steps to Tell

When working with clients who come in frustrated and ‘stuck’ in taking their business forward, I often find it’s because they know what they want but they are afraid to say their ideas are too big. They usually state that their idea is ‘ludicrous,’ or ‘stupid’ – no one will get what I want to do.

Personally, I don’t ever believe that one’s idea is too big or stupid. We wouldn’t be sitting here with electricity or air conditioning, nor would be driving cars or flying in planes. Everything that we have today was born out of someone’s ludicrous idea. It’s just that the people whose ideas we are using today were brave enough, and passionate enough, to do something about them. They were willing to risk the time, the money, the failures, and the laughter that followed them around.

But, somehow, through this perseverance, the laughter died down and genius was accepted. Did they have a fear of failure – yes. Did they worry what other people thought of them – yes. But their passion for their idea was stronger.

If you’re sitting on the fence with an idea to either start or grow your business, I’d tell you to make the leap and jump off – NOW! There is no better time to take your idea and make it become a reality. People are hungry – it’s just finding the right market. Here are three tips to help you make the leap:

  1. For the idea you have, you may have to do some more research: has this been done before? If so, how have they branded and marketed the idea? What do I know about it and what do I need to learn? This is the time to mindmap your idea, which basically is putting the idea in the middle and then outlining all the steps you think it would take to make it a reality. This is a great exercise to tap into the right, creative side of your brain – no limits or judgements allowed
  2. Now that you have those ideas on paper, prioritize the steps as to importance; I recommend using the principles of Kaizen and start with the least threatening to override any fears that may arise. List out actions you can take, people or resources you need to make them happen
  3. You may need to ‘sit’ with these to take them in and get comfortable, which helps to override the fear. Talk to someone about what you’ve uncovered, which could be a supportive family member or friend, or a business coach who can listen with no judgement and give you the encouragement you need to begin

For now, this is about nurturing your ideas, no matter how big, and looking objectively for how they can become a reality. As I say, your possibilities can become your reality; getting the possibilities out is the start.



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