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Resources for Career Exploration


So much is talked about on the importance of having a career exploration strategy, which is defined as “the collection and analysis of information regarding oneself and the environment that foster the career management process” (Greenhaus, Callanan & Godshalk, 2010, pg. 49. Doing necessary research as to the field you want to move into, as well as the type of work environment and overall culture you thrive in.

Here are some sites to add to your resource list that can help you do some of the research needed – hope they are useful:

  • job-hunt.org
  • jobhuntersbible.com
  • iseek.org
  • careerinfonet.org
  • bls.gov/oco/cg
  • onetceenter.org
  • salary.com
  • jobstar.org/tools/salary
  • careeronestop.org
  • goingglobal.com

Regarding the environment, you can go on the company’s website to determine the mission, values and cultural feel to see how htye align with yours; Poor’s and Hoovers are other sites, along with using the biggest references available – GOOGLE. These are just a few that can give you needed information on career paths, and all they entail, in order to make a better informed decision about your future work-life.



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