How the Mood of a Leader Attributes to Workplace Behaviors and Culture

If you’re like most people, you have probably worked in an environment that was less than positive, perhaps even toxic. Workplace environment and culture are critical elements for workplace happiness. One can love the work they do but, if there is misalignment with the environment, then dissatisfaction will result.

The mood of a leader attributes to the environment and for how employees behave; they set the tone for the type of culture overall of the organization. Since they are the one in charge, how they think and act will not only set the tone but model behaviors of their workers. If John comes in to work in a bad mood because he didn’t sleep well, then that negative mood will set the tone for the day: employees begin to spread the word that ‘the boss is in a bad mood so keep on the down-low.’ Now the office mood starts out with fear and dread. Not a good way to get the day going.

As is our natural tendency, we do take on emotions and energy from others – some individuals are more affected than others, i.e. empaths. A leader’s mood and behaviors can either have an adverse or a positive effect on how and when the work gets done. It can also be a predictor for absenteeism, turnover and high levels of disengagement which all affect the bottom line of the organization.

If you are a leader, it’s time to check your mood before you walk in the door:

  • is there anything bothering or stressing you out (deadlines, bills, family, etc.)?
  • can you resolve the situation prior to the workday or after (solutions)?
  • what is the tone you want to set for the day and for your workers (calm, energized, fun, etc.)?

Being aware of how your own mood and behaviors is the biggest step to take in creating a workplace culture of happy and high-performing workers. We are not always aware of how we come across to others so self-awareness is critical to creating happy workplaces. Wake up and determine it will be a great day and you will be walking in the door with a smile on your face; watch as the mood and behavior of workers follows.

If you’d like help in developing your leadership skills, or in your organization, contact us today for a free Discovery Session to learn more: Be the leader you’re meant to be!


2 Replies to “How the Mood of a Leader Attributes to Workplace Behaviors and Culture”

  1. Have seen both sides of the spectrum of leaders in the workplace. When you wake up in a positive frame of mind & walk into work happy, only to feel that wall of grumpiness/negativity hit you when you walk in it is hard not to resent where you work. It takes a lot of effort to stay positive in that sort of environment. Compare that to a work environment where everyone greets everyone with a smile and hello to start the day – a small thing can make such a difference.


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