Commit to Learning One New Skill This Year

I don’t know what you’ve listed on your goal sheet for this year, but I encourage you to add to learning one new skill during this year. If you want to advance your career opportunities, becoming a master at a skill is one of the best ways to standout and get noticed.

The skill can be an existing one or one that you’ve desired to learn. Employers today are hiring for specific skills so being the best at one can lead you to work on bigger projects or become the problem solver when issues arise. In this crowded market, you need a way to stand out not fit in. Essentially, you will be the Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a particular area that is needed by an – or your- employer.

  • Take an inventory of all the skills you possess currently, such as: project management, computer coding, financials, inventory, or business analysis to name a few. Look at your current job duties to see which one you use the most.
  • Take an inventory of all the skills you may be lacking in or have an interest in (I’ve always wanted to learn that….) to see what you need to learn, get practice at, or develop further. These might be problem-solving, decision making, coaching, conflict management, or communication.
  • Taken an inventory of skills your employer (or what is ‘hot’ in the marketplace) wants or needs; what skills are they hiring for. Look at their niche area, the types of training they offer or require, as well as looking at the skills that top management has as to how they moved up within the organization.
  • Take an inventory of what is current regarding workforce issues, such as leadership development, generational issues, or diversity. You can find blogs, chat communities, books and publications that address these. Become well-read and versed in workplace issues, looking at them as how you can be a problem-solver.

Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can now decide on the best course for learning the skill you’ve chosen. This could be going to school or taking a course or training, going to a conference or workshop, or reading about it. You may need to hire a coach to help you develop the skill or find a mentor who can guide you. Begin to put the skill into practice throughout your workday as ‘practice makes perfect,’ as the saying goes.

Becoming an expert in a skill takes making the commitment to learning and honing one. I encourage you to begin today.

If you’d like help to enhancing your skill set to move forward in your career or business, call today for a free Discovery Session to learn more.



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