Do You Know How You’re Perceived by Others?

I just started a business branding coaching program (yes, coaches need a coach) and I had to step outside of my comfort zone a bit for an exercise I was given immediately; no thinking, no delaying – just acting. The exercise was to write a post on Facebook to ask what others would describe me in one word. I have done this exercise in a small scale with 5-7 people but not at such a huge one as the world-wide web. I must say that almost immediately I had very positive comments coming through and that still are. It really shed some light on how I’m perceived by others which will add to my brand and attracting the right people to me.

Knowing how others see you is important to know for your career; we all tend to have a different view of how we are perceived and known by others which is not always apparent, and we can usually think it’s in a negative way. We then tend to act on how we think we are perceived: if it’s positive, then we will act bolder and more confident, but if we think it’s of a negative nature then we will tend to hide, being more mild and meek, not speaking up, or acting as if you lack confidence.

Perceptions are everything, whether right or wrong; but this is how people will initially view you and see if they want to interact with you more; if you act closed off, it’s not a good indication that people will want to approach you or continue a conversation; being too talkative or high energy can put off someone who is quieter in nature; if you have a loud voice someone might think you are being aggressive. The result? You might not get the job, or get passed over for that promotion, or don’t secure that potential new client.

Whether good or bad, knowing how others perceive you can help you to amend any behaviors that may not come across as open or welcoming which can then lead to more positive interactions, and can increase your self-confidence and enhancing your good qualities and getting you noticed in a good light.

I challenge you to go post the question on Facebook, or whatever social media platform you prefer, and ask the question to be described in one word; you also can go ask 10-20 people you know that question. Yes, it sounds scary but I bet you will also be pleasantly surprised by the positive comments you will hear as to what others think of you. Armed with this information, you can step into those shoes and be more of who you are. I’d love to hear your results and comments!


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