Changing Your Perspective on Your Job

Have you ever woken up in the morning and talked yourself out of a great day? As soon as your eyes open you think, ‘crap, I have to go to that job and face so and so and do boring work so I can not feel appreciated.’ Or you might have different ‘tunes’ that play in your head that set a negative tone for your workday.


If so, then I’m going to beg you – no tell you – to STOP! What you may not realize is that YOU are the one in control of your career and all that happens within it on a day-to-day basis. You will not get all of your needs met but you can have both satisfaction and fulfillment. If you’re skeptical by now, then I encourage you to keep reading.

Waking up day after day and hating walking out the door leads to a host of negative thoughts and feelings that lead to frustrations, disengagement and poor performance. If you want to get noticed by your boss, this is not the way to do so. Whether you realize it or not, your unhappiness level is caused by your own thoughts and beliefs; the more you continue to believe these the more miserable you will feel. The longer this goes on, the more detached you will be from not just your job, but from your life.

I’ve seen this over and over in working with individuals who feel as if they have no control over the work they do. These individuals come in with anger, anxiety and sometimes feel depressed over their ‘poor’ situation. Once they – and you – realize that, although you might not have control over what work you are to do, you do have total control over how you think about that work and job tasks to be completed. You can look at them negatively or you look at them as a challenge to your skills and aptitudes and find creative ways to get them accomplished. Keeping your focus on the outcome also helps – who is the work ultimately benefiting (the customer?).

Changing your perspective, and your (bad) habit of negative thinking, is a process that will take awareness and effort. A quick way is to wake up and smile – you would be amazed at how your happy chemicals get activated and it changes your mood. Determine that today will be a great day and watch how your perspective changes!


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