How Many Days Do You “Show up” at Work?

Going to work and being present, or ‘showing up’ are two different things. Being present in your work means that you are:

  • clear about the goals you need to accomplish
  • understand the benefits of accomplishing them – not just to yourself but to the organization as a whole
  • are engaged in those goals and the job tasks
  • clear on which skills are advantages to you and you know how to use effectively
  • being confident in your work

Studies out there ( have found that people who are present, or engaged, in their work ‘show up’ an average of four days per week. Isn’t that good news? Unfortunately, these engaged workers are still only representing about 31% of the workforce (Gallop, 2015). It’s easy to conclude that they also are the ones ensuring the work gets done. These individuals get recognized more for more challenging projects, they are tapped for promotional opportunities, and they overall have more job satisfaction. Are you a ‘present’ worker? Here are some ways to tell:

  • you wake up optimistic that you are going to have a great day ahead of you
  • you have preplanned your day so you know which job tasks need to get done and which one you will tackle first
  • you work to get along with your coworkers as best you can
  • you don’t give in to negativity of those you around you
  • you are cognizant of your skills and focus on which ones are needed to get the work done
  • you recognize your accomplishments each day and build off them
  • you leave work feeling accomplished, have planned for the next day, and leave the work there

Hopefully these questions will inspire you to reflect and answer them so you are ‘showing up’ at work every day!

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