Why Self-Belief is Critical to Your Career and Business Success

One thing that really upsets me is when I hear someone debase themselves when they are talking about making a career transition. They say they want to get a new job or to start a business but then they stop themselves from going forward from feeling that they don’t possess ‘enough’ knowledge or experience.  In relating their work history, it becomes apparent – at least to me – that they are knowledgeable and are accomplished so it saddens me when that person can’t see that within themselves.

We’ve all faced having self-doubt at some level but diminishing the skills you possess and brushing off your accomplishments will only lead to feeling bad about yourself; you will not go after the very things you want and will stay exactly in the one place you don’t want to be. This is why self-belief is critical to having the career or business you desire. To put it another way, would you do buy from someone who claimed they knew nothing or didn’t have the knowledge and confidence about their service or product?

To turn this around and get the career success you desire, here are some vital steps you need to take to get out of this ‘rut’:

  • First off, stop the pity-party – I know that sounds harsh, but this type of thinking keeps you in victim mode and holds you back from taking any type of action.  It’s time to stop the “I want to but…..” talk. From now on, it’s “I will …..”
  • Go back and self-assess – this is a step I firmly believe in; you can’t go anywhere or do anything if you don’t know who you are and what makes you you.  Take an inventory of your skills, strengths, personality, values, passions, aptitudes, and the like; also list your accomplishments, both major one as well as those you might not think mean alot, such as helping out a coworker with a task. While you may think these are not a big deal, they do make a difference to someone.
  • Commit to taking some type of action towards what it is you say you want – starting small isn’t as scary so the more you do, the less fearful and easier it becomes. As you start to do the more masterful and in control you will feel. Your confidence will rise and you will begin to embrace what you want to create. Not doing won’t be an option.

If you’ve been holding back because you think you don’t know enough or are ‘too new,’ I strongly urge you to take a good look at yourself and all that you’ve done up to this point – as they, “seeing is believing!”


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