Do You Set Daily Goals for Your Workday? (Why You Should)

When you go to your job each day, are you prepared for the tasks at hand, do you feel ‘pumped’ and get to work?  If not, then you are missing the boat for getting more done and for getting noticed.  Being productive not only gets work done; it also taps into one’s motivational need in fulfilling it as well as elevating the ego. All of which leads to feeling accomplished and job-satisfied.  The key is in setting daily goals – you won’t wonder what needs to get done; you will know the direction you have to take and the resources/people needed; the more you get done the more personal satisfaction you will feel.  Eventually, you and your work will get noticed, which can lead to more challenging work or promotional opportunities.

Here are some easy steps to setting daily goals; you can change them up dependent on how comfortable they feel for you:

1. Write all tasks you need to get done on separate pieces of paper; this gives you a ‘visual picture’ of everything ‘on your plate’ and are aware of all you have to deal with

2. Prioritize/rate the top 1-3 on each list that are the most critical to get done and the time needed to complete them

3. List these top 3 and write them out in explicit detail, ala the SMART formula; if it works for you, star or number them in the order they need to get done

4. Keep the list in a place that you see it; you can now take 1-2 of these, further prioritizing them and scheduling them in your day, preferably with those times you are most productive, such as the first hour of your shift

5. Cross the completed items in green (it means “GO”); prior to leaving for the day, make your new list so your are prepared to hit the ground running the next day

If you’re not setting daily goals I think you are setting yourself up for failure of some sorts, either by not taking action or completing a task or by the emotional fallout. Getting more done and knowing when and how to do them is often not as simplified as they seem; setting daily goals is the way to getting it all done.





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